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Play Video Slots

Today, one of the most played games online are video slots and they’ve quickly become an important part of online casino games. But what’s the difference between a classic slot and video slots? We will explain more in-depth on what makes video slots so special.

The history behind the video slots of today
Briefly, a video slot is a more advanced version of the classic slot machine. This means that it’s not only about three spinning reels where the purpose is to get lucky enough to get the same symbol on the screen. Video slots emerged when online gaming developers realized that there was a longing for modern, more graphical and technical slot games than just the classic ones. There was simply a request for more gaming experiences online.

The primary differences between modern video slots and classic slots are especially the graphic/visual presentation and the associated sound. In addition to that, there are several features that weren’t available in the traditional slots developed for computers. A video slot has at least five spinning reels, unlike the three reels that the classic slot machine has.
The range of video slots online has increased drastically and today there’s a huge amount of casinos offering a full portfolio of different kinds of slot machines. Even mobile versions are available for those who prefer to play directly on a smartphone or tablet. Lately, new mobile casinos that are focusing solemnly on video slots have launched, and they offer the same grand amount of games as many classic online casinos.

Additionally, video slots offer more paylines and the chance to win is bigger than on the classic three reels – which quickly became a contributing factor to why so many players chose to play on video slots. Thus you can win without betting much since the games are cheap to bet on and the winning possibilities are many. There are several different combinations of symbols which can result in winnings, so a piece of advice is to thoroughly read through what applies to the specific game.

As part of the technical development of slot games online, video slots with different themes have become popular. This means, for example, that a game is developed based on a tv-show or movie, such as the video slots “The Sopranos” and “Game of Thrones”. Other examples are video slots inspired by the music industry with games such as “Guns n’ Roses” and “King of Pop” (Michael Jackson) where the whole slot and gameplay is based on music from the musicians.

Rules and symbols in video slots

The combinations of symbols is the main purpose for playing video slots, and the combinations will decide whether you win and how much you’ll win. If it’s a specially themed slot, then the symbols are usually some well-known character from a movie or in some way related to the content of the game. You’ll also find the famous scatter and wild symbols, which are the most important symbols of a video slot. A scatter has the ability to generate new free spins or will automatically start up a free game, while the wild symbol substitutes for every other symbol in the slot with the purpose to create winning combinations.

It’s not uncommon that modern video slots feature some kind of bonus game, which will be triggered by special bonus symbols. However, you should make sure to read about the terms and conditions of the bonus game in the specific video slot, as they many times differ between online casinos. It’s for example not given that you can withdraw a bonus winning directly without wagering the bonus amount a certain amount of times.

If you start playing video slots on a casino site by using a welcome offer it’s important that you check which games it applies to. Many offers are only valid on certain and selected games from the game selection on the site.