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Play Video Poker Online

Video poker has existed since the 70s when the game was introduced in slots at landbased casinos. This was a relief for many people who didn’t feel comfortable with the deterrent table games, but at the same time really liked the game itself. The concept gave a peaceful and quiet environment for those who loved poker. Today there’s a whole new dimension to video poker and it’s reached the online casinos as well.

It’s important to remember that video poker is a completely unique game with deviations from the standard set-up, despite the fact that it has many similarities with regular poker. In that sense, there are different versions of online video poker. Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild are some of the most popular slots online today.

Video Poker Rules

Just as in regular poker you’ll be dealt five cards turned upwards from a deck. Your goal is to build a poker hand that’s as good as possible. After the first cards are dealt, you can choose which cards to throw and which cards to keep. Your throwaway cards will thereafter be replaced with new ones. What’s great about video poker is that many versions show the cards that are strategically favourable to keep. This is a great advantage as the different rules of regular poker can be hard to remember. However, it’s an advantage to get to know the different rules in regular poker even before you start playing video poker.

In online video poker, there are bonuses to win as well. The bonuses in video poker are customized and optimized for this kind of game, which is beneficial compared to many other casino bonuses that are mostly based on complicated wagering requirements. Just as there are odds in regular poker, there are also odds in video poker.

The best hand during the first card distribution in video poker is a Royal Flush and the odds to get that is 1:650 000. For a Straight Flush, the odds are 1:72 000. The odds in the first distribution of cards is 1:4 000 for four of a kind, 1:700 for a full house and 1:50 for three of a kind. Even if these odds can feel impossible, they are determined by chance and it’s fully possible to get a Royal Flush during the first distribution, for example. When the first distribution is done, it’s still possible to considerably improve your hand. Then the odds will be even more beneficial.

Play online video poker today and get the best of both worlds in the shape of modern graphics as well as the excitement from poker.