Metal Casino bonus

Metal Casino is a gambling site with a design that depicts the music style metal. Both the mood and the layout takes inspiration from the essence of the music and you will also get the chance to participate in a world tour. Even the bonuses you can receive are part of the casino’s theme. Some of the bonuses are integrated in the world tour and you can also win the special game currency MetCoins. It’s pretty common to win 666 MetCoins, a number that links to the dark powers that the music in the genre often is about.The World Tour is a casino adventure and a game you participate in just by playing the slots and other games on the site. You start from scratch and advance through different levels by defeating “the crowd”, that means the audience, that you can imagine standing in front of you. What makes the casino stand out is the games that take the players to the next level. Also the opportuinty to gets bonuses and other rewards usually attract players. At least that’s the case with Metal Casino.

First deposit bonus

The welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus on your two first deposits. If you deposit anything from €10 to €49,90 you’ll receive three Super Wheel Spins and a 100 % match in deposit bonus up to €100. If you deposit €50 to €99,90 you’ll get three Mega Wheel Spins and a 100 % match in deposit bonus up to €100 instead. If you deposit €100 or more you’ll receive three Epic Wheel Spins and a 100 % match in deposit bonus up to €100.

Second deposit bonus

With your second deposit, you’ll receive a bonus of a 50 % match up to €100. If you deposit €10 to €49,90 you’ll also receive 100 MetCoins. If you deposit €50 to €99,90 you will instead receive 250 MetCoins and if you deposit €100 or more you’ll get 666 MetCoins. MetCoins are coins that you can play for in the casino. Both of the deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 25x and must be wagered within 30 days. You need to deposit €10 or more to receive the bonus.

Late Night Mosh Pit

Late Night Mosh Pit is an offer that’s described as “MetCoin Madness”, which seems like a reasonable description. You’ll actually have the possibility to recieve 666 MetCoins between 22.00 and 00.00 (CET) every evening. This bonus is a part of the imaginary world tour, which in fact is a kind of game included on the site. To get the bonus you have to participate in a mosh pit, win over the crows and move on to the next stop of the world tour.

The Golden Wheel

As a part of the world tour game, there’s also another bonus included. Every time you advance by defeating the crowd and reach the next level you’ll spin the golden wheel. The more you’ve played during every level, the bigger is your chance to win while spinning the wheel. There’s the possibility to win one out of three jackpots: Super that pays out €200, Mega that gives €1000 and Epic which gives €2000.