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Play Craps Online – Rules

The casino game Craps is a table game that to being with was mostly played in the US. However, the game is now very popular also in Europe. Craps is easy to understand and has good winning opportunities. Furthermore, the game has been featured in many Hollywood movies throughout the years, for example in Ocean’s Thirteen with the well-known main actor George Clooney, and in the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.

How does Craps work?

The rules of Craps are easy to understand. The game takes place around a table. Two hexahedral dices are rolled by one of the players around the table. The player who rolls the dices is called “Shooter” and this role is successively switched by a clockwise rotation around the table. In that way, every player has the chance to roll the dices. Before the shooter will roll the dice starting a new round, he/she has to place a bet. This bet is called a line bet and it’s either “pass line” or “don’t pass line”. The other players around the table can bet as well, but they’re not limited and can bet how they like. The first roll that starts a new game round is called a come-out roll.

If the sum of the dices is seven or eleven, those who bet “pass line” win and bets on “don’t pass line” lose. If the sum of the two dices is two, three or twelve, “don’t pass line” wins. In some cases when the sum is twelve, the bet can go back to the player who gets it. If the first roll results in a sum of four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, this will be the player’s points. In that case, the dealer will put a plastic puck next to the number. The shooter then rolls again until the established number or seven shows. If the point shows up, “pass line” wins and if seven shows up, the result is reversed. There are many different kinds of bets in Craps. You can, for example, combine bets with those that are even better to maximize your winning possibilities.

Craps is available on many casino sites with the name Craps online. Before you start playing online craps we recommend that you play it a couple of times without betting real money. In that way, you can learn the game in peace without any risk. It can favour you in the long run and help you get a unique gaming strategy that fits you, which will lead to better winning possibilities. Try playing Craps today and take on the character of James Bond.