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History of bingo

As with many other casino games, even the origin of bingo is unknown and the theories of where the game emerged are many. Some claim that the game of bingo originates from America, while others say that it first originated from Europe and later was introduced to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean where the rules changed before it came back here in the middle of the 18th century. No matter the birthplace of bingo the game has existed in Europe all the way since some time during the 14th century. Later the game has developed and today there are many different versions, but with the same basic rules as the classic game of bingo.

If we start from America, the legend says that a manufacturer of toys was excited by a game called Beano and brought the idea back to New York where he lived. After he bought beans and customized special game cards he let his closest try the game. The rules were simple; it was all about covering a row on the game card with beans and then call the word “beano”. This is where the name Bingo is said to originate from as one player called out something that sounded more like “bingo”. The toy manufacturer therefore gave the game the name Bingo instead of the original Beano.

The bingo game has grown more popular in Sweden lately since winnings in cash became approved. This has, of course, attracted more players. Bingo has been played all around; from large schoolrooms and assembly premises to cars or classical arcade halls (bingo halls). The last one might already have had its greatness, but even today there is still around 100 active halls all around Sweden.

A big breakthrough for bingo in Sweden came when the tv-show Bingolotto was presented for the first time in the 90s, with the host “Loket”. Swedish people waited excitedly in front of the tv with their pre-purchased lottery tickets to play the game with hopes of winning money, a car or maybe even a luxurious trip.

How does online bingo work?

The tv-show had its peak during the 90s and at the beginning of the 00s before the popularity decreased, and the show started losing viewership. At the same time, there was a boom with a new type of gaming experience available directly online on different casino sites. Online bingo soon became the new way for Swedish people to play bingo. It was both easy and exciting.

Game-wise online bingo isn’t really different from the classic bingo game – the bingo card reminds us of the traditional one and even online it’s a randomised method that decides which numbers will show up. Even online the numbers are often presented as balls – just as in the original game of bingo that we’re used to.

Classic horisontal, vertical and diagonal paylines exist even in online bingo and it’s usually the most common way to win in bingo, even if there are different versions with other possibilities available today.

Traditionally bingo has been a way to socialise. Online bingo has tried to recreate that with the help of live chats with other bingo players. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t live in the same place, or even in the same country – you can still “meet” and get to know other people who also love to play bingo. Earlier bingo was a game mostly played by older people, but today it’s first and foremost the younger generation that plays frequently thanks to modern online casinos. This game of luck is simple to learn and you can easily learn the game without it taking up to much of your time.